Nanotech jewelry


A. Velichkovski is a designer who combines art and science together for the creation of new, unique and stylish products. He has a PhD degree in Chemistry, and he is also a photographer, 3D modeller, an artist and a scientist.

A. Velichkovski has been interested in the arts since his childhood. He graduated from Art school and took designer courses in Architecture Academy. After that, he graduated from University with a Master of Science in Chemistry and got his PhD degree in Organic Chemistry. Velichkovski has four years of industrial experience in R&D environments using and creating new products, and developing Material Science. He participated in different projects for transnational companies as like as ‘MARS’, ‘Nestlé’, and ‘PepsiCo’. Velichkovski now holds a postdoctoral position in Ireland, where he is continuing his research activity, and working as an artist, researcher and a photographer. He holds several scientific awards, and his artworks are stored in collections in the USA, Japan, Germany, Russia and Ireland. He has many exhibitions and diplomas in the Arts. In Ireland, he was inspired by the country's exotic natural beauty, which inspired him to create new designs, including, luxury jewelry with a unique modern, minimalist design. His experience in Quantum Chemistry, Material Science, Polymers and Art allow him to create new bracelets, choose the right polymer for the wristband, chose the right onyx for cubes, and find new forms using nanotechnology for the 'Quantum nano' collection.



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