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Quantum nano Bracelet collection

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This unique bracelet collection was designed by our R&D team from bottom up conception of the nanotechnologies, conception which was introduced firstly by Nobel laureate physicist R. Fainman. For the creation of this nanotube bracelet clasp, Velichkovski and team for the first time in jewelry creation used the same computer programs which scientists usually use for quantum molecular modelling of DNA, nanotubes, graphene and in other nanotechnologies. From the atomic 3D atom structure nanotube modelling and finding the best stable geometry configuration and suitable clasp dimensions for bracelet with the help of quantum calculations methods to Chemical Vapor Deposition atomic layer nanocoatings of silver and gold atoms for clasp finishing, Quantum nano collection is the personification of the future, nanotechnologies and modern unique design which will perfectly looks either with or without suit and suitable to ware on club parties, official meetings and every day life. After modelling the clasp was 3D printed in steel, polished and CVD coated.

This is not just a simple bracelet: it is a product of modern state of the art nanotechnologies and 3D prototyping technology of 21st century.

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